Maybe so

I fervently believe that I don’t have a clue of what lies beyond life.  My best guess is nothing.   When life’s over, it’s over.   Sure seems to be tied up to our physical bodies.   When your body goes, does something persist?   Possible, I suppose, anything’s possible, but just doesn’t seem very plausible to me.   And as soon as it gets tied to any particular version of what’s supposed to lie after life, well, they can’t all be right!

I saw a TV show once where a priest and a rabbi were talking about how much they had in common and how they really believed more the same thing about God and so on than those awful “secular humanists,”  who, they implied should burn in Hell, except that Judaism doesn’t have a concept of Hell.   Pagans, Greeks, yeh, Hell works for them;  Judaism, not so much.   It’s absurd to the point of ridiculousness to suggest that a Catholic’s version of the afterlife is pretty much the same as, say, a Hindu.   Every vision is different.   Even multiple stories within a single religion conflict, conjure up different image of life beyond life.

Then throw in a few wild cards like vampires and witches and brain-eating aliens from the planet Zircon and you begin to have a whole universe of possibilities no single one of which really seems likely to be the correct answer, since, bottom line, we just do not know, end of story.

So, like I say, I know my brain will die with my body, so I figure, the most likely thing is, that’s it.

To me that has a consequence:  Make every moment of life matter.  ‘course then I have another voice that just says, “Would you just chill out.”   No one pays any attention to what you say anyway, you’re just an old man mumbling in the corner.

Maybe so.


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