Mon Feb 4 Brendan Emmett Quigley Crossword Hints

Welcome back, solvers who want some hints, not direct answers.

For you NYT Times solvers, the entry before this is the NYT Monday.  BEQ, as he’s called, gives a very challenging Monday puzzle for those who zip through the NYT Monday.

This week’s had some nasty intersections.  If you didn’t know a couple specific items, there wasn’t much you could do but guess-and-check or google or reveal.  I like guess-and-check, perhaps ’cause I like fooling myself that I “solved” the puzzle when I really didn’t.  Anyway, I’ll start with the nasty points where possibly unknown answers meet.

17-Across / 4-Down:  The “other” 2012 Best Actress nominee is not a royal sounding name, as I thought for a while.  And Singer/songwriter Sufjan has a much more ordinary last name.   Need another hint for that square?   Why don’t you just declare victory!

21-Down / 30-Across:  Seaweed wrap?  / Journalist Suskind.  Not sure why there’s a question mark on seaweed wrap.   Think food, not seashore.  Of course, you may, like me have eaten this a zillion times and have no idea what it’s call.  So perhaps you didn’t know it, ______.   <– That, believe it or not, is the hint.

In that same area:  You do know the product (20-Across) that  “Makes beef sing” and it’s not an odd brand name at all.  It actually isn’t a single word, though it’s singular in a different way.  You rarely see the second part of this answer spelled out.



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