Mon Feb 4 NYT Crossword Hints

Just a couple quick hints today.  Theme hint:  This Monday “theme” finds parts of you starting off fine but then ending up way above you.

2-Down Tripoli’s country:  Where’s Tripoli?  Well let’s just say their leader seemed very strange to most Americans and few Americans or Tripoli-ans seemed sad to see him go.

3-Down Fossilized tree resin:  C’mon, you remember Jurassic Park, dontcha?

30-Across Brontë heroine:  First and last name.   Both 4 letters.  (What the heck are those two dots over the “e” for?  I wish I had an “e” in my name so I could put two dots over it.   Maybe I could put them some other vowel.)

19-Across Gem weight unit / Krazy _____ :  Only one answer gets the K.

64-Across Battle of Normandy City:  Or a biblical brother who messed up real bad and who couldn’t spell his own name right.

65-Across Sneaker brand:  Well I can tell what it isn’t:  Not NIKE, or AVIA, or Jimmy CHOO, or MARC (Jacobs).   KIX are for kids and so are these.



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