Monday (Dec. 24) Brandon Emmett Quigley puzzle

A few hints to Brandon Emmett Quigley’s Monday (themeless) puzzle this week:

I don’t need much to drink:  3 words

Completely gaga over: 2 words

Secretively:  …or Answer to the question:  Have you downloaded the christmas photos yet?  No, there still __________.

Like an ass:  Think animal, not the guy who spilled egg nog all over you!

Dog breed popularized by Helen Keller:   Popularized by?  I don’t this Ms. Keller was primarily interested in promoting the dog breed.  Once you get it, remember how to spell this breed’s name.  Personally I always get confused about the last two letters.

Original channel for “Star Trek: Voyager”:  The channel is as extinct as the series.

Amphibious warfare craft:  Abbr. :  Think Normandy. And remember it for next time.  A very common xword answer.

Likewise:  Note that the clue is not in quotes.

2012 movie with the tagline…:    A film about a gypsy guitarist who has a Prometheus complex?

[Eye roll]:  2 words;  the second of these is often elongated, as in  Aaaaaaargh!

Plus: 3 words

You’re on your own for the down clues.