Thurs. Dec. 27 NYT Crossword Hints

Ok, so right away we see that there’s something going on with the clues with SON and TIN, for example in all caps.

Theme hint:  These letters are, literally, what the answer means, but you’d never get them until you have most of the letters.  Once you do get one, it’ll be a help with the others.

Individual hints:

That’s it for me:  …or, “Tada!”

____ Systems:  … or the _____ Kid.

Bit the bullet: 2 words

What’s in the stars:  You can’t avoid your own.

Designer of the Tulip chair:  His first name is a xword favorite.  Eerie, isn’t it?

Was paralyzed with fear, say:  Or just went outside in the northeast!

Ski shop supply:  you might expect a plural here, but this is a word that’s the same whether it’s plural or singular

Tony winner of 5-down:  Not most people’s idea of a good meal.

professional runner:  These runners might not know the agony of the feet, but they might know a related agony.

Say “hey,” say: …or say “how,” say…or even say “huh,” say

And, for next time, “Rapper behind the 2012…” — if you know nothing about rap, remember this for the future.  3-letter rappers are very popular in crosswords these days!

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