Mumbling and stumbling

Haven’t posted much, though I have been constantly writing.   The same themes run through my mind:

What does it mean to be an amateur, who’s an enthusiastic but not necessarily “talented” amateur?

Why are we humans, as a race at this point in our history as a race, so painfully unable to make peace with each other?   Why does it feel so acutely that the clock is ticking against human civilization?

What is community about?   I used to consider myself a “proponent” of community.   But what does that mean?   “Communities” of people can do awful things as well as wonderful ones.   Yet working together as a community seems to me the only way to function as a group or for the society as a whole.   “Socialism” is so tinged with meanings and historical references (anyone can claim to be a Socialist) that it seems we can’t talk even sensibly talk about it.  Certainly not via Twitter, this year’s solution to global communication.

And, for fun and amusement, I write about what’s it’s like being an actor and in community theater.  But community theater is more than a venue.   It is also a “community” in every sense of the word.   So I continue to try to put into words

And then there’s life and death and God and, yes, “being in the moment.”

A lot of different themes that weave together.

Though there’s more to come, a lot of what I have to say is already here.   Take a look around.

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