Sun Jul 13 NYT Crossword Hints not Answers – Show Me the Money

Hi Sunday fans.  Well, today’s theme is another designed to drive Across Lite puzzlers nuts, ’cause there’s simply no “correct way” to solve the puzzle.   This is one where getting the trick early will make your life easier, even if Across Lite won’t tell you if you’ve got it or not.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, always look through all the clues (except on Fridays & Saturdays which are normally themeless) to see if there’s a key clue that unlocks the puzzle.  You’ll quickly see that 65-Across (rather bluntly, I must say) tells you what the trick is.  The trick works perfectly on paper and will be a big help once you get any one of the spots where long answers cross and the correct answer for one can’t be correct for the other.  The title is a big help to know what should go into the “impossible” crosses.  Like 65-Across says you just got to superimpose I suppose.

10 specific hints:

1-Across City south of West Palm:  West Palm is a nickname, so the answer to this one’s another city with a well-known nickname.

13-Across Heckle or Jeckle of cartoons:  If you don’t know the cartoon, Heckle and Jeckle are mean black flying things whose real life counterparts are known to be nuisances.

28-Across Antics:  Along with 88-Down, this is a pretty crazy puzzle.

101-Down Social level:  Think India

69-Down Certain bank deposits:  Not the kind of banks you’d want to put your money in

48-Across It should have no effect:  In theory it should have no effect.  Actually, there’s a phrase that specifically says the _______ effect.  Think drug trials.

31-Across Like someone trying to hit a piñata:  Don’t think about who’d be trying to hit a piñata, think about what’s happening to their equilibrium

101-Across French film award:  We have our oscar, they have another guy whose name has at last two things in common with him

63-Feudal figures:  No, not ESNES (a common crosswordese answer) but close.  These folks certainly aren’t lords of all they survey.

12-Down Ticket to the World Series:  Think of the ticket for the teams, not the fans.


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