Sun July 7 NYT Crossword Hints Not Answers – Bonus Features

This one’s the opposite of last Sunday’s:  It’s a huge help to solve the theme early.  So let’s see if I can help without giving it away.  Look over the set of clues:  Many “—” clues and a key clue, 70-across, that says it’s linked to the ten others, obviously, the “—” clues.  I wouldn’t suggest going for the long answer first.  It’s a lot easier to solve the other way around.  The puzzle creator has been pretty clever about covering his tracks, though knowing something about white rap singers would be a big help.  I’ll just say this:  What’s a dash at the end of a line in a paragraph usually indicate?  Ok, one more hint:  Sometimes, when what’s shaping up to be the right answer won’t fit, it means there’s a rebus (multiple letters in a single box).  That isn’t what’s going on here, but there’s something very similar going on.

Meanwhile, 1o specific hints:

6-Across Cry like a baby:  Or a baby cat

20-Across Spanish skating figure:  No, not the Spanish word for axel or toe loop or camel, think of the kind of figures in a spread sheet.   Which one would you make in the ice?

78-Across It’s a lock:  Or an Eli.

121-Across Spirited?:  More non-standard than even 101-Across

14-Down Skipjack and others:  Think fish.

72-Down  Question to a poker player:  Or to a dog or cat

91-Down Headlines, as a band:  Two words.  Clue should probably say “sometimes” as this isn’t always so.

88-Down U.S.S. Ward, e.g.:  Every play the game Battleship?  Think naval vessel types.

76-Down Where the code of Hammurabi is displayed:  Think specific museum, not city or country


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