NYT Crossword Hints – Sun Jul 28 – Fast Work

Theme hint:  If you happen to know me personally, you might know I played the role of the man who’s the subject of this puzzle last year.   In this case, there’s barely a theme, just a unifying concept.  You can forget about the circles until you’re done, they’re just a little added attraction.   The man I’m referring to (5-Down) didn’t exactly “invent” 57-down, but he was the first to apply to the particular things that were 116-Across.

(Frequent readers:  Apologies, I wrote, but forgot to hit “publish” last week.)

10 Specific hints:

75-down Ending with cyto- : or ecto- for that matter.  Add an “a” and you’ve got a screen to keep your eyes on.

76-down Space rock, maybe:  Maybe that’s what Chicken Little saw coming her way!

105-across Polo ground::  Or:  These hints are made to help ______ you.   Hope you don’t feel more dis______ed than when you started!

88-across How many Playboy bunnies dress:  If they have at least a little something on

94-down Big Bang Theory creator:  Or, the nefarious “M” and many other devious characters

47-down He wrote “I exist, that is all, and I find it nauseating.”:  He wasn’t joking, either.  He even wrote a book titled La Nausée (The Nausea) 

88-down Pearl Buck heroine:  From The Good Earth.  Just a letter away from Camus’ city where infested with plague and not to be confused with  the small emirate near the Persian gulf.  All three are  crossword puzzle favorites.

63-down Up to the task:  Or  “_____ I was ere…”

25-across Bobble: think noun, not verb

29-across ______ Peninsula.  And a homonym of the clue to 44-across




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