NYT Crossword Hints – Sun, July 21

Theme:  The question marks on the long answers tell you it’s all pun and games and the title clues you in to the wordplay to expect.  Once you get one,  the idea will be obvious.  Think homonyms.

10 specific hints

1.   100-Down Phycologist’s study:   Think of a swimming pool you forgot to drain for the winter.

2.  3-Down Like old unrecyclable bottles:  Well, they didn’t cost you anything, in theory

3.  63-Down Good wife in “The Good Earth”:   She’s so good she shows up in puzzles all the time.   Her name’s just one letter different from a tiny emirate and from the plague city of Camus’ novel.

4.  85-Down Apiarist’s woe:  Well, if you’re an apiarist, you get a lot of these, as do bears when they stick their noses in the wrong places.

5.  62-Down Erotic:  Think the color associated with eroticism.  (Why is this the color associated with eroticism, I wonder.)

6.  2-Down What’s big in the movies: Or, What Mel Gibson said when asked what his role was in his early movies before he learned to speak aramaic.

7.  5-Across Where les enfants might play: …and a homonym of where a kid might play in any town in the U.S.

8.  83-Across Part of an umpire’s count:  Or what you might be accused of having if you refuse to do something a la 52-Across

9.  Speaking of 52-Across, it’s three words

10.  78-Down Summer lawn sight:  and a very welcome, when it’s on, to a kid on these hot summer days!



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