NYT Sunday Crossword Hints – Dec 15 – A cut above the rest

Another novel theme this week.   I must admit I nearly completed the whole grid before “getting” what was going on.   I found it worth the trouble.  So this, for most solvers, one of those puzzles where you’ll fill in most of the non-theme answers and even solve some of the long answers with [see above] in them without necessarily getting the theme itself.   Basic hint:   Keep re-reading the title and put it together with what’s in the brackets.   Second hint:  Something funny is going on with several short answers that are not exactly theme answers (they aren’t the long down clues that say [see above] and the funny thing that’s happening is not a rebus.

Specific non-theme hints:

61-Down Parting word:  Or: greeting word.

62-Down Taunting figure:  Especially if you’re huge and not known for your intelligence.

121-Across Scale unit:  Or:  _______ of protection

90-Down Per:  I wanted “A POP.”  Close…same idea

95-Down Her name is Norwegian for “beautiful woman who leads to victory.”:  Unfortunately, perhaps because she’s Norwegian, many complain that she doesn’t understand English very well!

67-Down NBA Hall-of-famer Thomas:  He’s also quite famous for how his name isn’t quite spelled like the biblical character.

87-Across Angelicas and others:  Well, HUSTONS doesn’t fit.   This angelica has cures ones ills in a different way.




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