NYT Sunday Crossword Hints – Dec. 8, 2013 Two Outs

Interesting theme this week.   Falls into the category that getting the idea of the theme early is a big help to solving the puzzle.   Obviously something is happening with the circles.   But it isn’t that you put the letters in the circle together in some way.  No quite the opposite.   The “Two” in two outs doesn’t just refer to the fact that there are two circles.   It’s also that there are really two answers in one!

Specifici clue hints:

2. Down – Relative of S.O.S.:  Thin kitchen, not the Titanic.

6. Down – Thick bunch?:  Duh, who dey talkin’ about?

52. Down – With a will:  Oh, I thought this meant being a male

74-Down – Elephant’s opposite, symbolically:  No, not a mouse.   Pay attention to that word “symbolically.”  Some would say both these animals are going nowhere.

76-Down – URL component.   No, not org or com or edu, but you’re literally very close to the answer

10-Across – Spring for a vacation:  Well, the clue’s a little misleading.  I guess this sort of place used to have actual springs (wet ones) but not so much nowadays.

72-Across – In a kooky manner:  Think Marx brothers

62-Across- Mix in a tank:  A noun, not a verb;  Think car, not aquarium

122-Across – “Don’t be a spoilsport”:  There’d be an apostrophe in the answer if you wrote it.

42- and 89- Across(es) Blue expanse(s) :  A very likely pairing of answers.  Think literally.




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