Recommended Crossword: NYT Thu Aug 28, 2013

Those who’ve found your way here because you sometimes do the New York Times Sunday crossword on a computer or in pencil on paper, I heartily recommend Thursday, Aug. 28’s crossword puzzle.   Quite a challenge, I must say.

I don’t give direct answers in my crossword blog, just hints, so my Hint #1 here to do the Aug. 28 puzzle.

It’s a Thursday puzzle.    Thursday puzzles are always themed, like the Sunday puzzle, but don’t have a title.  In this case, there’s a little note.   The puzzle can be solved without the note, but I read it first and was glad I did.

I don’t want to say more about the puzzle itself.   I don’t want to spoil the challenge.   Leave it to say that this is a pretty inventive puzzle and fun once it begins to come into focus.

If you start it and get stuck, save your work and look at it later.   If you want hints, come back here in a couple days and I’ll have added a couple.



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