Say NO to attacking Syria

I rarely comment here like this, but I must speak out on this one.

Obama is calling for military action against Syria.   This would be catastrophic.   So far, Obama is following the constitutional requirement that only Congress of declaring war = committing acts of war.    But he is advocating precisely the wrong course of action.

Obama has shown evidence of horrific crimes against humanity, but he has NOT produced evidence of genocide.   It may seem awful to have to make this distinction, but it does matter.   The former requires punishment without adding more innocent victims; the latter requires action despite the cost in innocent lives.

Have we not proven to ourselves, beyond any doubt, that we cannot control the mideast militarily?   Syria is Iraq times ten times ten.

This is not a matter of being a pacifist or not, a Republican or a Democrat, tea party or socialist:   It is a matter of survival of the planet that every act of violence not be justification of unleashing untold violence.

People of good will, no matter what their “political affiliation,” need to raise our voices before it is too late.




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