Sun Apr 14 NYT Crossword Hints – My treat

Theme:  See if you can get 59-Down, the “key” or “reveal” clue that explains how the theme works.   (Do this by solving as many of the clues that cross it as possible.)    A fairly straightforward one this week.  As soon you get one of the long down clues (unusual aspect this week is that all the theme answers are down clues).  Getting one will help with the others.


10 Specific hints:  (I’m going to give just across clues this time, to help with the theme answers.)

1.  91-Across  Circus Tent:  2 words

2.  98-Across  “I know the answer” : Amazingly enough 3 words.  Think little kid.

3.  29-Across No longer fit it:  Think plant that’s still in its original pot

4.  44-Across Naval flier:  Not a jet, but something on a pole

5.  24-Across One paying a flat rate:  This clue could easily have a “?” at the end;  i.e. it’s a form of word play.

6.  41-Across Worldly figure:  Think shape, not person

7.  81-Across Archer’s wood source:  Again, 2 words and the second one isn’t bush.

8.  23-Across “Bummer!”:  I had “Darn” or “Dang” at first;  the answer’s similar to these, but doesn’t start with “D”

9.  100-Across Response to “I promise I will”:   Yet again, 2 words.   Not the nicest response one could hope for.

10.  103-Across Where cruisers cruise:  And yet again, 2 words.  Well, the clue really should be where some cruisers cruise.  Think literally here:  We’re not talking about police cruisers or teens cruising the streets, here, your first association to cruiser is probably right.

And one extra (because it had me stumped for a long time):  18-Across Jesus for one:  No, not The Jesus.  This  particular Jesus is normally associated, in xwords, to other members of a particular sports family.



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