Sun Apr 21 NYT Crossword Hints – Front Flips

Theme:  A very pun-y theme this week.   Keep the the tile in mind and solve the crossing clues of the long answers with question marks.  A common premise:  Word play changes a common phrase to a phrase that literally means what the clue says.   Many of them are pretty funny once you get ’em.  The common phrase, in several of these, is close to the meaning of the altered phrase.  If you know any recreational/medicinal drug slang, look at 64-Across after getting as many of the down clues that cross it.  This is the pattern you’ll find repeated in all the clues that indicate they’re puns by the “?” at the end.  (One thing that’s a bit unusual here is that many answers that aren’t super-long also fit the theme.)

10 specific Hints:

107-Down Kipling’s “Follow Me ____”:   Remember that ‘e is English, like Eliza Doolittle.

108-Down It can be refined:  Yeh, I thought it was ORE, too.  As gunky as this stuff is, it still is far more refined than it was when it came out of the ground.

5-Down Regain clarity:  Think a night on the town, not wiping off your glasses.

31-Across Poetic pause:  The answer contains a relatively rare vowel sequence more commonly found associated with a type of salad named for a Roman emperor.

40-Across Piazza parts:  Not all “?” clues are theme clues.   Think letters.

97-Across Some tennis play:  Actually, one of the two kinds of tennis play that exist, so far as I know.

20-Across Dramatic response to “Who’s there?”:  More commonly clued as an overly formal response.

11-Across Hollywood hrs.:  Whenever you see the name of a place in the U.S. and something related to time, think of setting your watch as you fly across the country.

41-Down No. between 0 and 4:  Think college.

109-Across Cartoon boy with an antenna on his cap: Think of the TV cartoon family of prehistory transported to the space age future.





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