The downside of crossword puzzle addiction

This afternoon I found myself reading some advertising supplement that cam with the daily newspaper.   I found myself reading a snippet about Barbara Hale, the actress who played Della Street in the Perry Mason TV series.  I found myself trying to memorize this factoid.  Something similar happens at the checkout line in the grocery store (they move much too fast these days to really read anymore!) picking up the Star to see if I might pick up a couple names of who plays who in what TV show.

Why on earth am I trying to retain this information?

…because it might come up in a crossword, of course.

As if, in a lifetime, I haven’t stored up enough useless information!

I can’t write any more now, I have to go watch The Simpsons re-runs ’cause I’ve forgotten Grampa’s name.  Abe, right?

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