Wed Jan 16 NYT Crossword Hints

Theme:  This is one of the those themed puzzles where it pays to look over the clues to see if there’s a “key” clue, one that tells you something about the other theme clues.  In this case, it’s 28-Across (hint to the meaning of the bracketed clues).  This puzzle is loaded with theme clues.

In a puzzle like this, you’ve gotta start with the non-theme answers before going after the theme.  Since the bracketed numbers are relatively short, you will probably need to get a few of them before the long hint clue will come into focus.  Once you do get the idea, you’ll probably find it  smooth sailing after that.

Some clue hints:

Sporty auto, for short:  Keep in mind that it’s letters or a nickname (“for short”) and think brand not type of car.

Couldn’t help but:  2 words

Feudal lord:  I always though this guy was lower than a lord, on bended knee, I apologize, my  ________.

Climber’s goal:  Yes, I though it was PEAK at first too.  Same idea, different word.

Combine name:  No, not a portmanteau. (Sorry, I just like that word!)  They make lots of stuff that you find nearby the combine, if you had one.  You know the name.

Garden pest genus:  Don’t get thrown by “genus,”  it’s not a weird scientific word you’ve never heard of.  Just one letter (pssst, it’s the last letter) is different from the more familiar common name.

He and she:  Don’t think too deep  about this one.  If he and she went, then _______ went.

Like some checking accounts: yeh, I thought JOINT, too, but this one is two words.

Faux fat:  Faux?  Give me a break.  It’s synthetic, not French.






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